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Always Open

The island of Elba and its nature are transformed by the changing seasons. Every phase of the year deserves to be visited again and again with its colors and scents, because they are unforgettable and convey strong emotions. Every season has something unique and special to offer, and you decide in which season you want to visit us, regardless of season and tourism.

You can spend your holiday at any time of year in our facilities.

The spring full of blossoms and a thousand bright colors that cover meadows and forests is the ideal time for those who like to hike outdoors, regenerate and seek close contact with nature. It is much appreciated and often visited by athletes.

Summer is the most crowded time, mainly for the beach holiday with its many offers of beaches and dream coves that can satisfy all the needs of tourists.

The autumn on Elba has something magical, the climate and the still mild waters still allow you to swim in the sea, but without the summer chaos. Fascinating are the chestnut woods, which are typical for Mount Monte Capanne, where there are numerous hiking trails for trekking lovers and Nordic walking athletes.

Winter is the quietest time of the year, the days are short and the climate is more severe. Sport is also practicable in winter, from cycling, from simple racing bikes, mountain bikes, to new freeride and cross country tracks, dedicated to these new sports. Winter, spring and fall are also ideal seasons for getting closer to the cultural and historical attractions of Elba, an island full of monuments and evidence from the Etruscan period to the last remnants of the recent World War.