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Borgo dell'Uccellaia

The recently built complex, surrounded by greenery and tranquility, can be reached by a private entrance. Each apartment has its own entrance, which is protected by an automated gate.

The village and the sea can be reached in a few minutes by foot. From the lush garden, from the terrace and the large veranda, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Marciana Marina. The apartments offer rationally arranged rooms in a harmonious environment, which are maintained down to the smallest detail. You are surrounded by a large and lush, lighted garden from which you can admire the terraces formed by walls and alleyways of the characteristic yellow stone of Elba. Borgo dell’Uccellaia is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

After many years of work in 2016, we succeeded in realizing our dream: the move to our beloved island. The dream began in 2001, when, after buying a piece of land, we began repairing the old walls, built using dry stone technology, which formed the terraces that used to house beautiful vineyards a hundred years ago.

Over the years, we have built a few small apartments equipped with every comfort, surrounded by greenery, forests and the sea beyond. In addition to oaks and cork trees we have planted hundreds of bushes and trees and created a small paradise in the countryside. Little by little, with so much passion and love, the “Borgo dell’Uccellaia” came to life.

The gardens of the Borgo dell’Uccellaia are equipped with a centralized “Freezanz” anti-mosquito system,
to provide greater comfort to the guests who stay there.